Welcome to my Website. I am known to everyone as PETER My Call sign is now MW0RPB. Previous call signs included MW1CJS and MW3RPB.


I acquired my MW1CJS call sign in 1997 by sitting a 2-part City and Guilds Radio Examination, which I passed with credits on both papers!


That in turn gave me a class B, licence that allowed me to transmit on all amateur bands above 30 Mhz.

I got involved with and still use 2 Mtrs and 70cms for the transmission of analogue SSTV, and Easypal digital SSTV,

All Free software! and all the information you will need can be found at http://www.g0hwc.com/sstv_drm_news.html

But it was not long before I got involved with making and using equipment for Amateur Television on 1.3 Ghz bands, (ATV). This also included converting old Satellite receiver boxes for receiving ATV and transmitters for live video pictures back and forth through the GB3ZZ repeater owned and run by http://www.stvg.co.uk/gb3zz.html



I also built my own antennas for this band and other equipment,. But when the New Foundation Licences MW3 came into force a few years later which was a very easy exam to take and still is!


This would allow you to transmit on HF although only with 10 Watts RF whereas a class B licence you was only allowed from 30 Mhz and up!


So I did the same as many others did at the time and sat the Morse code part of the Foundation test! This then gave me an M3 Licence which allowed me onto the HF bands!


Using only 10 watts or less I have had contacts worldwide with good reports on HF and VHF

So power is not all it takes!